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Home Improvement Tips

July 5th, 2016

The last thing you probably want to do after moving is adding more work to your list of things to do, although some see this as the perfect time to give their new house major improvements in order to make it feel like home.

If you’re already thinking about tackling the first home improvement projects, here are some tips before you start hiring contractors and stocking up on equipment and materials.

You may be thinking of  knocking down a wall to bring in more light into certain rooms, but are you forgetting of any other major project that may be more important? Answer the following questions. If you respond “yes” on any of them, you should reconsider and think on which projects to take on first.

Does your water heater, furnace or air conditioning not function as you would expect it to?

Does your roof need repairs? Does it have missing or lose shingles that could result in a leak or bigger damage during bad weather?

Are there plumbing issues that haven’t been taken care of?

Have there been any electrical irregularities in the new house that haven’t caused any serious incidents, but could lead to some if not addressed?

How is the insulation in the attic? Has there been too much heat escaping when it’s cold outside?

Now that you know that you don’t have any big repairs to take care of, you can direct your attention to home improvement projects that enhance the esthetics of your home. Before you dive in headfirst into the first project, consider the following tips.

If you plan a moving in the near future, focus on home improvements that will increase the value of the house.

If you do plan on staying for a long time, give yourself the liberty to make the choices that will improve your new home and the way you enjoy it.

When expenses are a concern (and they usually always are) make a precise budget and make sure you have sufficient amount of money to fund the projects. If not, you risk running out of funds mid-project to then find yourself living in a construction zone until you can sufficiently fund the home improvement.

As soon as you purchase your new house, you may feel a strong urge to make big improvements before you move in, but it is a wise choice to be patient and wait until you’ve moved in and have had a chance to live in the home for some time. By doing this, you’ll find yourself in a better, more informed position to make the decisions that’ll not only improve the esthetics of your home but its functionality as well.