How To Begin Your Move

March 25th, 2016

Not sure where to begin packing? Don’t stress, most of the time the simple fact of just starting a project can be the hardest part. The trick is to create a plan, dive right into it and before you know it all the items on your “To Do” list will be completed. Our friendly staff at Personal Movers has created the following list to help you get started.

Packing supplies. The best recommendation is to stock up on supplies ahead of time, about a month or two in advance. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation in which you run out of supplies days before, or even after moving day.

Sell what you don’t need. Lighten the load of your move by getting rid of any excess weight. You could donate to charity, have a yard sale, or even give things away to friends and family. It’s more likely that the item will get more use with a new owner and you will have less to move.

Pack early. The earlier you start packing, the easier it will be. You can pack a few items throughout a long period of time or you can pack many items in a small amount of time. The choice seems pretty simple if you want to make your move a bit less stressful.

Create a list and a schedule. The most effective way to take on a big move is by making a checklist. Print your list with dates on each item and check them off as you complete each task.

Plan to move during the week. Moving on a weekday will give you the advantage of being able to set up any services you need in your new home. In contrast to moving during the weekend, which you will have to wait until Monday to set up any services that may be crucial for your first few nights in the new home.

Think about your pets. Make plans for your pets in advance to reduce the stress they will experience while moving to a new home. You may have to schedule to drop them off at a kennel or have a friend take care of them for a few days.

Moving your valuables. Any valuables such as antiques, wine collections, or art, you must ensure you set those items aside and move them yourself. Taking special care and consideration with these items will prevent any accidents and lost memories later on.

The hassle of moving does not have to be stressful. Your thoughts should just be focusing on all the new opportunities ahead of you. By setting up your plan in advance and starting early you will increase your chances of having a successful and stress-free move.