How to Pack the Dining Room

August 26th, 2016

When you are starting to prepare all your belongings to move into a new house, it is crucial to begin with all of the adequate packing supplies.

In order to begin, you will need the following essentials:

  • Boxes of various sizes and that are strong enough for the heavy items
  • Packing paper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap to protect your valuables
  • Duct tape of different colors to easily identify boxes
  • Markers to label the specific contents of each box

The dining area will most likely have many items that are both heavy and valuable. For example the fine china, silverware, glasses and the dining room set. With these easy tips to follow, you can ensure that all of your items will be packed safely and will make it to the new house unharmed.


All of the silverware should be wrapped with packing paper in small sets or individually if they are bigger pieces.


Glassware should be wrapped individually with packing paper. For wine glasses use a piece of packing paper to wrap the stem part, then use a second piece of packing paper to wrap the rest of the wine glass.


When you begin packing any item that can break easily, you must fill the bottom of the box with tissue paper to add extra padding.

With clean paper, carefully wrap all of the fine china. Begin wrapping on one of the corners of the plate using multiple sheets. Make sure to fold in the edges once they are overlapped.

Don’t forget to pack the heavier items first, on the bottom of the box. The plates should be placed on their edges and never flat. Keep packing in layers, separating them with tissues paper until you have the lightest item on the top.

Any other fragile items like vases must be wrapped with bubble wrap as well as a second layer of packing paper.

Remember to always label and notify the movers of any fragile items that may break. It is also wise to travel with some of the higher end valuables in your personal vehicle.