How To Prevent Injuries When Moving

May 4th, 2016

There are numerous ways which one could get hurt when moving and it can happen at any moment, especially when you are rushing to get everything done on time. The best way to prevent any injuries is to be properly prepared.

It is crucial to have a first aid kit on hand and ready. Also ensure to keep one in your car for the actual moving day. First aid kits should contain most of the following:

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Bandage adhesive
  • Assorted adhesive bandages
  • Gauze pads of different sizes
  • Nonstick sterile pads
  • Medical adhesive tape
  • Blister treatment
  • Ibuprofen / other pain-relief medication
  • Insect-sting relief treatment
  • Allergy medication / Antihistamine
  • Splinter tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • First-aid manual

When you find yourself nearing the end of a long day of packing and moving, your body will tired and in the rush to finish you may end up hurting yourself. In order to prevent injuries such as a pulled muscle, cuts, or stubbed toes, its is crucial to lift items correctly and the following tips will help you:

  • Positions legs square with shoulders.
  • Bend at the knees and not at the waist.
  • Lift when you have a good grip.
  • Lift with the legs and not your back.
  • Do not twist or turn your body.
  • When moving heavy objects push instead of pull.
  • Maintain a secure footing.
  • Use a dolly when possible.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items over your head.
  • Lift slowly and smoothly.
  • Maintain items close to the body.

By being alert and focused on safe practices throughout the move, it will lead to a more secure and smooth move, free of incidents and injuries. In the case of an emergency out of your control, contact 911.