Make Your New House Feel Like Home

May 25th, 2016

Moving into a new house can be very exciting, but it can also feel somewhat strange the first couple of weeks. While celebrating an important event in the new home like a birthday or holiday party can help ease the transition, waiting for one may test your patience. The following tips will help you adjust to the new home much quicker and while you are still unpacking.

Start by imitating your normal routine. Recreate your normal routines that you were accustomed to at the previous home. For example, setting up a table or area to drop off your keys, coats, and bags at the entrance to prevent misplacing any of them. Sticking to the regular routine will help you stay organized and feel like some things still remain the constant, which in turn will ease the transition.

Unpack all your favorite items. Make sure to keep the boxes with all of your favorite items close by and unpack that one first. The things that made you feel cozy in your old home, for example a candle, speakers, or your favorite movie, will help to get that instant coziness in the new home.

Make your house smell like home. One important factor in a home feeling like your own home is to have it smell like you’ve already been living in it. Apart from bringing out your favorite candles and having fresh flowers around, one of my favorite ways to make the house smell great is to cook an expensive steak accompanied with a bottle of wine. The aroma of the tasty food and the heat from the stove will give the house that warm comforting feel.

Don’t order out. If you read number three, this one is a given. The best way to make the home feel like is home is a home-cooked meal. By unpacking the kitchen first you will have everything you need to prepare even a quick and simple recipe if you don’t want to go with the expensive steak.

Make the children’s room a priority. By having the movers focus on the kid’s rooms first and unpacking all there personals, the kids can keep themselves busy unpacking all there things. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it will keep them happy and that’s what matters.

Unpack the closet. After taking care of the kids and the kitchen, make sure to unpack and organize your closet. You don’t want to have to wake up for work on Monday and have to scramble through boxes to find your favorite jacket.

Don’t hang art right away. I tend to wait to hang the art until I have decided where I want to hang it. Since the collection has been gathered in our travels, they are very valuable to us, therefor I still unpack them right away to avoid any damage and rest them on the wall in a safe area so I can still enjoy them.

Recreate sights and sounds. A crucial detail is to make your home look and sound like home. For example, in our kitchen we’ve always had the clock that plays a different bird song every hour. “For our family having that clock up and working makes it sound like home.”

Get comfortable. Lastly, one of the most important items in the house that gives you comfort is your bed. Another first on the list is to unpack the bedding, pillows, sheets, and throws and get the bed set up. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own warm and cozy bed.

Share with us: What are your tricks to make the house feel like home?