Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

April 16th, 2016

The stress and anxiety of moving can build up quickly. It can lead you to forget things or make some crucial moving mistakes that may end up costing you more than you intended to spend on moving expenses. If you want your moving day to go smoothly make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Overpacking. Deciding to pack everything you have in your house is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Make some time to have a yard sale or donate some of your unused items. This will not only lighten the load, it will reduce your costs as well.

Underestimating. A common mistake many people make is underestimating costs. Make sure the company you hire sends a representative to provide you with an estimate for the move. Once you have that information plan how much you will need in supplies (boxes, tape, etc) and how much time you’ll need to pack everything. It’s always better to overestimate and have extra supplies, which you can later return.

Planning too late. Once you decide to move ensure to schedule your move and hire movers a few weeks or months in advance. Professional moving companies usually get booked quickly during the hotter months of summer. By planning ahead of time you will have more options and a better chance to get the best rate.

Packing too late. If you are uncertain of how long it will take, the safest way to ensure you get everything done is to start early. Begin by packing all the things you are not using at the moment and you don’t want to sell or donate — for example, all your winter clothes. Another tip to save time is to schedule your packing by room, once you complete packing one room you can move on to packing the next.

Lastly, you can move some of your valuables on your own, a few items at a time. This way you know the items you value most are only handled by you and will arrive to their destination undamaged. Not only will you have less items on moving day, it will reduce your costs too. If you find yourself struggling to manage your time, consider asking family, friends, or even neighbors to help you, just make sure to have some food and beverages to demonstrate your appreciation for their help. On the off chance that you can’t find any volunteers, hiring professional movers will always reduce the stress and pain of moving.