Moving: Essentials to Remember

March 18th, 2016

Almost everyone is familiar with theĀ feeling of forgetting something behind. Or even worse, being half way through your trip to realize you have forgotten something. To help you remember those important things that may go overlooked we have created this list to remind you of some of the essential items you must double-check prior to departing on your move.

Maps. Make sure to have your directions ready before departing. Printing all the maps to your destination can be very handy in case you lose reception on your phone or your electronics chose to stop working.

Know the route. If you are able to drive the route prior to the moving it will give you peace of mind knowing exactly where you are going and how the roads will be every step of the way.

Food. Avoid buying anything but the essentials for your trip on the days leading to the move.

Snacks to pack. When moving you should pack snacks that are high in water such as oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon. These food will help you avoid drinking to much water and in turn you will have less restroom stops.

Entertainment. Make sure to have a few games available to make the trip seem shorter.

Plan. Double-check your plans prior to leaving. Call to confirm any reservations or appointments to assure everything and everyone will arrive as planned.