The Best Time To Move

April 1st, 2016

Deciding on a time of the year to move is not a simple task. There are a few factors to consider since some times throughout the year, certain months, and even the day of the week will benefit you more than others. Whether you decide to move yourself or hire a professional moving company, the following times will give you access to the best rates and resources that moving companies can offer.

Best Times To Move

When selecting the day of the week to move, it would be wise to do so during regular work hours. Since most families decide to move on weekends, your chances of getting a good company for a good price are significantly reduced.

You should arrange to move during the middle of the month because its when you can find the best rates. Moving companies tend to have higher business early in the month and at the end. This is due to most leases are set to end for the start of the month.

The ideal months of the year to move are from the late October up to January. During these months people avoid any big moves due to the holidays and the children are still in school. That results to fewer clients for the moving companies and slow business. The hotter months of the year in contrast, tend to be the most expensive months to move. In addition to selecting when to move, don’t forget to consider all the other factors included like any holiday plans you may have, the weather, your pets, and the children.