The To Do List For Your Big Move

March 10th, 2016

There is a long list of things that you must do for a big move, which at times can become an overwhelming and daunting task. So, in order to make your move a stress free one, we have created a list to help you organize and tackle everything you must get done before and after the move.

Write Down Everything. This way you can keep track of everything throughout the move. Keep a list of important contacts related to the move in case you have questions or concerns with the articles you are shipping or arrival time.

Don’t throw away the old phone book. You may need to get in contact with a person or a company from your old hometown.

Keep bed sheets and linens separate. Have one of your dressers just for towels, bed sheets and anything that you may need for the first night at the new place.

Keep the fridge fresh. Once you have cleared out and cleaned it, fill a small cloth bag with baking soda or fresh coffee grains and place it inside to keep the fridge smelling fresh until the movers arrive at the new house and you plug it back in.

Share your contact information. Prior to setting off on the trip, give your contact information to the movers and where they can contact you if they were to have any questions or updates for you.

Pack wisely. Pack all of your small and lighter pieces in big boxes and the heavier pieces in small boxes.

Pack plates and records correctly. When packing any records and plates they should be placed and stacked vertically instead of stacking them flat inside the box.

Protect your valuables. If you now certain items hold strong memories and are irreplaceable, make sure to transport them yourself in your car. This avoids any regrets if something were to happen to them. If you do decide to pack valuable items, such as art,  framed photos, or anything that is delicate, pack them in between bedsheets or towels for extra protection.

Give the computer a break. Once you are settled into you new home, it’s wise to allow some time for your computer to adjust to room temperature before turning it on again.

Don’t forget the essentials. Ask the movers to unload the essentials box last, that way you can unpack that box first. The essentials that should be in this box includes: Toiletries, toilet paper, soap, paper towel, cleaning items, kitchen utensils, cups, paper plates, tools(screwdriver, pliers), and any other essentials items that you may need on your first few days in the new home.

Remove light bulbs. Unscrew all lightbulbs from your lamps to prevent any broken glass from getting all over your personal items.

Have a garage sale. The best way to get rid of any unwanted items that are just going to take up space is to tag them and place them out in the front yard for sale. Be honest with yourself on what each item is worth and tag them accordingly, but be prepared to negotiate prices. Most people buying at garage sales are bargain hunters and love to negotiate even lower prices.

Look after your plants. If you are moving your plants in your own car be careful not to rest the leaves on the windows because it will likely cause burn marks on them.

Keep your pets stress free. Ask a friend or family member to watch over your pets during all the commotion of moving. This will keep them calm and relaxed while the movers clear out the house and also prevents any incidents while having people unfamiliar to your pet in the house.

Take pleasure in having help. Now all that is left is to relax and leave the heavy work to the professionals. You can now spend your time focusing on your new life, friends and opportunities that lie ahead. For more detailed information and pricing visit us at